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Beauté Curieuse - Curious Beauty

A Community About Beauty for Men & Women

Curious Beauty
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Community that discusses various facets of beauty

Every human being is fascinated with beauty on some level. It is a biological drive to recognize what is beautiful to us. We often want to surround ourselves with beauty and we go through great sacrifices to fit within our own definitions of beauty, whatever it might be.

Beauty inspires, bemuses, entertains, intimidates, intoxicates, and motivates and there are and will always be many ideas that exist to define what beauty is, whether it is defined by an individual, culture, society, nation, country, continent or the entire human race.

This is a community about beauty: the history, philosophy and psychology of beauty, beauty myths...beauty tips, beliefs, techniques, recipes, regimens, and trends...definitions, standards and perceptions of beauty...images of beauty and so forth.

In this community you can post:

-quotes for discussion that relate to aesthetics
-entries which are set up to debate various viewpoints & ideas related to aesthetics
-pictures that display your idea of what is beautiful or unattractive (for discussion)
-beauty recipes, tips and techniques
-entries that discuss the science of beauty (psychology/sociology/philosophy)
-personal entries about what beauty means to you
-about beauty myths, standards, and discrimination.
-about beauty standards between and about men and women (gender)

The Rules are very simple:

-The pictures posted must be related to the subject at hand. This is not a sex group.
-No Flaming
-No Racist, Sexist or Homophobic attacks
-No Spam
-No Porn Links
-No Harassment of Other Members


.Adhere to the Golden Rule
.Make Friends
.Enjoy Yourself
.Engage in lively discussion and thought
.Use LJ Cut for very long entries and very large pictures

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