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The secret woodland nymph of society, the ever-elusive FA

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http://www.lardbiscuit.com/lard/truefa.html  Very interesting and positively uplifting link here to an FA Confessional of sorts.  Now what is an FA? Simple explanation: A man (or woman in the case of   FFA) who loves, is attracted to, and lusts after curvy, fat, overweight, chubby, zaftig bodies, a Fat Admirer.

So many may gasp at this as if it's something to be ashamed of. But why? what's the point? Why is being an FA so different from liking tight little blonde twits? Or only dating certain ethnicities? Why is it so unique in our society that it needs an acronym? This is personal taste, people, and the fact that most FA's feel they have to hide their passion for fear of societal persecution is ridiculous.  We're in the twenty-first century here.  More than half of north America is overweight now, and (as the article author points out) larger women are worshipped in other parts of the world, so why are we acting like the slow kids on the short bus? We don't point and laugh at smokers tearing their lungs to shit and poisoning the air, but so many will do that at an overweight person eating. Is this how fucked up our sensibilities are?

I will say this flat out - I am an FA. I have been one for as long as I can remember, and I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks.  That does not mean i'm exclusive, or that i'm fetishizing it, it just means that I mind an abundance of curves to be a perfectly attractive, sexy thing.  So many equate a stereotypical tiny blonde as being the ultimate status symbol in this day and age. Well to me the ultimate in status, masculinity, and a true measure of quality, is how confident someone is with themself. For me the ultimate status symbol is that I am with -exactly- who i want to be with in this world, stereotypes and societal stigmas be damned.

We've got such a hard-on for criticism in this world, but this is a first world pair of nations.  Ours are leaders in this world, or should be. We should be painting a picture of equality and acceptance everywhere we go, but instead we spend our time marginalizing based on weight, height, sexuality, and the like.  We need to pull our heads out of the sand and realize that now is all we have, and either we learn to love what we have and find love wherever it makes us happy, or we're going to be miserable, petty and insignificant in the grand scheme.  And those that have already clued in will look to the rest of the hateful and just feel pity. It's time for the rest of north America to grow up and stop hucking spitballs at the chubby kid in the corner.  Like what you like, love what you love, and to hell with anyone who thinks that its any of their business.
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