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Peculiar Quote #3

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"Things happen to beautiful women. Things come to beautiful women. Material things, if you want them. Money and jewels and clothes and motors. Or things more real if you like. Friends, sympathy, contentment. People seek beauty. If you are beautiful, they will seek you, surround you, serve you. Love will come to you, a beautiful home, beautiful children. Fulfillment will come to you, meaning, a purpose in life.

There I have dared to write them all down. These are the reasons you want to be beautiful. Are they not? Why do we bother to evade and conceal them? They are the truth. And finer, more natural and significant truths than govern half our acts and longings...Beautiful women live fully, intensely, superbly. It has always been so."

-Dorothy Cocks,
The Etiquette of Beauty (1927)

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree or are your views somewhere in between disagreement and agreement? I think it's an interesting series of statements to analyze.
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